We believe in a scientific theory of beauty that starts from within.

In an era that focuses too much on external beauty, it has never been more important to look inwards in addressing our ideas of beauty from a perspective that understands the importance of diet, physical health and mental wellbeing. That cultivating kindness, generosity, honesty and a strong sense of self, builds confidence and boosts energy. That energy is life’s currency. For us, the science of attaining true beauty is the sum of these parts, uniquely expressed in each individual.

About The Founder

AUKI – short for Australian Kalology Inspired, was founded by Erika Bolneo. With over twelve years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Erika completed her Honours degree in Biomedical Science which ignited her passion for research and product development. Her interest in health and fitness have always intersected with her interest in beauty.

Having struggled with blemishes and adult acne in the past, Erika’s personal search for effective skincare to address skin concerns like acne, ageing and pigmentation has been long and arduous. This search, grounded by her background in Biomedical Science propelled her into examining the science behind great skin.

“The concepts of cellular regeneration, chronic inflammation and the effects of stress on ageing, have always been of interest to me,” says Erika.

While her background in fitness highlights the importance of physical health in achieving that glow and energy.

“There seems to be a movement towards the idea of holistic beauty,” she says. “My goal is to help people unleash the best versions of themselves from a health and beauty perspective that addresses anti-ageing, longevity and quality of life.”

Our Story

The story of how AUKI came to be really started with a deep love for ancient Egyptian culture. 

“The Ancient Egyptians were one of the earliest civilisations, and yet their customs, beliefs and practices were highly advanced and sophisticated. We can learn a lot from this other-worldly place.” says Erika.

It was when she finally visited this mecca for cotton, alabaster and precious oils, that she was first introduced to the ‘Blessed Seed’, Black Seed oil – as being the Egyptian woman’s beauty secret.

It wasn’t until two years later that the oil was brought to her attention again working at a health food store in Brisbane. A nurse came in looking for black seed oil, proclaiming its healing wonders for the severe dryness of her hands, that had returned to normal after two weeks of application. Erika was curious. And upon further research it became clear that she had found her miracle ingredient.

The Prophet Mohammed famously proclaimed the ‘Blessed Seed’ to be “a remedy for every ailment except death.”

Powerfully anti-inflammatory and loaded with potent antioxidants, along with other vital phytonutrients that are essential for overall skin health, the glorious Black Seed Oil is the foundation of all AUKI beauty-care formulations.

The Future

We will strive towards progress and innovation at both the product and company level. ‘The AUKI project’ pledges a commitment towards sustainable and ethically sourced materials, with the aim of maximising global conservation.Most of our exotic ingredients are unavailable on-shore, however we do our part in supporting our economy by purchasing within Australia where we can. Our ten year goal is to source only recycled materials from companies that abide fair trade standards.