What does our food have in it these days?

We’ve strayed very far from food that’s untouched by chemicals, preservatives, and hormones. 

The repeated exposure to preservatives has varying and often lasting effects on your organs. A recent study showed that black seed oil can actually remediate that same organ dysfunction. 

At Auki, we are totally against animal cruelty and all of our products are 100% cruelty free. However, in our continuous fascination with black seed oil and its hero compound Thymoquinone, we found a pretty fascinating study. 

Scientists took male lab rats, and exposed them to sodium nitrate (a type of salt that has been used to preserve food such as bacon, beef, jerky, ham, hot dogs, ect). 

They measured levels of oxidative stress, cytokines of inflammation, fibrotic elements, and cancer cell markers in brain tissue after exposure to the salt. They then took the same measurements after exposure to black seed oil to see if it had any effect on the damage done by the salt. 

The levels of brain damage and inflammation were completely restored by the ingestion of black seed oil.

How fascinating is that? 

So if you like to consume…well…anything that’s even remotely “modern store bought food” we highly suggest you start taking one capsule of BSO a day. It could increase you quality of life, and longevity.