What does your skin reveal about your health?

Your skin is the cover page of the book that is your body. By knowing how to read it, you will be able to get a glimpse into the story it’s trying to tell. 

Is it calm? Is it at war with something? Is it sick? Is it exceptionally healthy? Does it need some extra love and care? 

There are many serious health conditions that can be evident through the health of your skin. If you have something going on that’s chronic, especially raised and dry patches of skin which can signal liver and kidney problems, go to a doctor ASAP! 

Let’s just cover acne. 

🌱 Forehead and Nose Acne is caused by: 

 • Stress 

 • Digestion issues 

 • Poor diet 

 • Hair conditions (too oily or wrong products) 

 • Unclean hands 

 • Blood Pressure 

 • Poor Circulation 

 • Salt intake 

🌱Eyebrow Area 

 • Wrong make up

 • Ingrown hairs 

 • Diet 

 • Improper water intake 

 • Gallbladder issues 

 • Too much alcohol 

 • Greasy Foods 

🌱 Cheeks 

 • Dirty pillowcase 

 • Cellphone use 

 • Lung issues 

 • Smoking 

 🌱 Jawline 

 • Hygiene 

🌱 Ears & Temples 

 • Kidney issues 

 • Greasy food 

🌱 Neck 

 • Thyroid issues 

Taking black seed oil capsules daily can help alleviate many of these issues due to the cell stabilizing effect of Thymoquinone. Black seed oil is the most potent source of Thymoquinone in the whole world as far as we know.