What is Black Seed Oil?

Black Seed Oil
Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil has been around for thousands of years being used for ailments ranging from headaches to GI issues to bug bites. This oil has been mentioned in ancient medical text and even the Bible, stating that

“in the black seed there is a cure for every illness except death” .

(Book of Al-Bukhari; 810-870 AD)

Black seed oil was so highly praised in ancient culture that Egyptian pharaohs were found buried with it in their tombs, clearly indicating how important it was as pharaohs were only buried with their most prized and valued possessions.

Queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra, said to be two the most bewitching women in history, both used black seed oil to upkeep their skincare and health. Although they were born 1,300 years apart, they both used it in their own ways. Cleopatra used it in her bathwater, while Nefertiti used the oil directly on her face. Traced back to around 3,000 years, black seed oil was even used to treat infections and toothaches due to its antimicrobial properties. Of course, ancient cultures didn’t have an understanding of what microbes were or how valuable “antimicrobials” could be. Due to that, black seed oil seemed like a miracle, since it sometimes saved people from infections that would otherwise spell out their end. Since what we now know has significantly evolved, the saying of the ancients about the oil being a cure all, was evidently on the right track.

Auki Black Seed Oil
Auki Black Seed Oil

Of course, our modern research shows that black seed oil doesn’t just heal superficial bug bites, small infections, and complexion issues but it also heals us from the inside out. Black seed oil has now been proven to be anti-apoptogenic, meaning that it halts the growth of cancer cells and can even reverse things such as kidney and liver damage. With roots that go back all the way to mysterious ancient Egypt and now creating huge waves in the modern scientific and medical community, black seed oil is sure to become the next most sought after ingredient in supplements and beauty products.

Main Uses of Black Seed Oil:

1. Powerful Anti-inflammatory Properties

2. Strong Antioxidants

3. Fights Obesity

4. Fights Against Breathing Disorders

5. Reduces Skin Allergy

6. Good For Respiratory System

7. Strengthens Bone

8. Strong Antibacterial Effect

9. Cancer Prevention

10. Aids Good Sleep